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Adam Westcott

Adam Westcott

Adam Westcott is a flamenco and classical guitar player from England and the protégé of flamenco god Manitas de Plata.

Adam fell in love with flamenco in 2002 after seeing a live performance in Spain. Since that moment, Adam has dedicated his life to the study of this magnificent art form, which has seen him performing in venues all over the world in Europe, Scandinavia, Russia and America. He has also performed live on BBC Radio many times, including on one of the UK's most respected players and composers' shows: Charles Hazelwood on BBC Radio 2.

In 2008 Adam provided the support act for multi-platinum selling saxophonist Kenny G at a sold-out Royal Albert Hall, performing for 5,250 people. Since then, Adam has been busy touring and performing all around the UK, including in some of the most prestigious venues in London (The Pigalle Club, 606 Club, The Jazz Cafe and The Royal Festival Hall).

Adam has recently returned from a live TV performance in California, which was broadcast to nine million people.

Adam's life-changing moment in his musical career came in 2007 when he was first introduced to the music of Manitas de Plata. Manitas was the rock star of flamenco: first discovered by Pablo Picasso in 1964, Manitas went on to have an illustrious music career, selling 93 million albums and collaborating with other significant artists of the period. In one such collaboration, Manitas teamed up with Salvador Dali in 1965 to perform together at the Carnegie Hall, New York, with Manitas playing while Dali painted.

Adam's journey to meeting Manitas de Plata.

When Adam encounted Manitas's music, it opened up a whole new world for him, offering everything that Adam had been searching for. In 2012, Adam decided he needed to meet his idol; he wanted to thank the man who had changed his life. After searching high and low, Adam finally found Manitas - now an old man - in the south of France. When Adam and Manitas met for the first time, an instant friendship was established and a new chapter opened in Adam's career as Manitas showed Adam many new musical techniques and changed his philosophy of music.

Now, in his performances, Adam draws on these experiences as he takes audiences on a journey of his life, dazzling them with the thunderous and furious sounds of flamenco, as well as the beautiful and delicate sounds of classical guitar music. He weaves in the heartfelt story of his journey to his mentor, who very sadly, passed away on 5th November 2014, aged 93.

You can find out more about Adam by visiting his website at:

Katie Sarra

Katie Sarra

Katie is a fine artist, specialising in oil painting. Her principle subjects are seascapes, the human body and wild animals.

Katie was born in Kano, Nigeria, in 1965 and lived in Kenya until coming to England at the age of eight. Katie experienced a sense of enormous grief and loss as a result of this uprooting and change of cultures, which she survived by drawing and painting as a way of connecting with who she deeply was beyond the judgements and values of others.

Katie went on to study Fine Art at Leeds Polytechnic, where she won the painting prize for her year. After graduating in 1988, Katie moved to London and exhibited with The Art Company where she sold a number of political feminist pieces, which had titles such as 'Safety in Numbers' and 'He offered her a rose but she had received dozens'. Katie then trained and worked as an Art Psychotherapist for eight years, during which she facilitated other people to access their creativity as a way to overcome and heal distress. During that time, she continued to paint large canvases during her holidays.

Katie then moved to Devon with her family, taking a career break to raise her children. Once her children started school, Katie set up a studio in her home and began painting part-time. As well as painting sea-scapes, she started to paint women from the school run. In January 2007 she opened the Old Car Wash studio and gallery in a huge warehouse space in Tiverton, where she held a number of sell-out exhibitions of her work.

In September 2014, Katie moved to Dawlish to be closer to her beloved sea. A year later in July 2015 she took up a gallery and studio space at the Funky Aadvark Gallery in Teignmouth and in December 2015 she will be opening her own gallery space - the Katie Sarra Gallery, Teignmouth.

Katie's intention in her paintings is to capture the soul nature and energy of her subject and to bring that forth on the canvas for the viewer to connect with.