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Guitar strings meet oils


An alchemic explosion of music and colour, straight to canvas, captured by two minds with no boundaries or limitations.

Eye of Sound is a unique collaboration between Flamenco guitarist Adam Westcott and visual artist Katie Sarra. Both accomplished artists in their own right, Adam and Katie have formed a creative partnership to create a powerful multi-sensory experience for audiences that alchemises the fire and passion of live flamenco music, with the vivid imagery of oil painting. 

What arises when the creative duo perform together is entirely spontaneous and improvised – a wordless conversation or ‘dance’ between two creative mediums. Essentially, each artist guides the other: the speed, tempo and mood of the music influences the speed, tempo and mood of the painting; and as an image takes form on the canvas, the music becomes part of that, creating a visual–sound feedback loop.

From our sell-out perfomance in Teignmouth, October 16th


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